Monday, November 1, 2010

Glass Ceiling Abstract

The glass ceiling has been a subject of concern for women in the workforce.  Questions arise as to how to overcome or break through the glass ceiling in order to achieve the higher positions in management that women have not attained.  Over the last sixty years, there has been much attention given to different forms of discrimination including gender discrimination.  Because of this attention, corporations have worked to regulate some of the discrimination out of their businesses.  
There are aspects of discrimination that cannot be regulated away.  Instead of playing the victim, women need to approach their careers from a positive standpoint and make the changes they can make to further their careers.  Women need to see that some of the problems holding them back from achieving the higher level management positions are the decisions they make for themselves.  Women have traditionally held the care giver roll in their personal lives.  This care giver roll has affected how women make decisions about their work lives and how management view women in the workplace.  This is one of many aspects that women are in control of when thinking about their careers.  This paper attempts to show how many factors and decisions that women make on their own actually hold them back from achieving the highest management positions.  Women should no longer place the blame on others but should look to their own life decisions to affect their future.


  1. I think today women are less exposed to be discriminated at work. The level of education make the different how women are treated at work today.
    Although, the position of the women around the world has been changing for good, it is still difficult to prevent companies from hiring only men for higher position and paying jobs.

  2. I am interested in seeing how you present this paper. I agree that in some instances it is the decisions that women choose to make. On the other hand I won't deny that some businesses make it harder for women to attain certain statuses. These hurdles are getting over come which is a slow but great sign of things to come.

  3. But the subtle factor in the discrimination scheme is in the form that women are compensated for their work! Even after much improvement in today's business enviroment, women still receive less than 77 cents of every dollard!

  4. In my view, some women didn't want to work, so the women work rate maybe not correct.
    I think the glass ceiling is a difficult topic because of it is a sensitive problem, especially for a lady, I hope you can illustrate the topic clearly, and give us some different opinions.