Monday, November 8, 2010

Employee Interrelations

I have recently been faced with having to deal with a couple of employees who feel it is their responsibility to tattle on every other employee.  They seem to think that it is their job to watch over everyone and keep them in line.  They also seem to feel that they are accomplishing their jobs in a perfect fashion that is worthy of much higher status than they are receiving.  They expect that when they point out how others are not adequately accomplishing their jobs, we as managers should immediately leap on their suggestions.
I have become quite defensive of my team members.  I am the office manager.  My employees all have computers and access to the internet.  None of them take real breaks.  They tend to take their lunches at their desks while using that time to surf the web.  I have no problem with this.  I also jump on to look things up occasionally.  None of my employees abuse their access.  The complainers also have access to the internet.  They seem to have no problem spending large amounts of time checking their e-mail or facebook page, but are very quick to point out someone else doing the same thing.  Generally, I offer my office staff to help out in this other department if they need assistance.  My staff are more than happy to help out.  I really take offense to this other department complaining about my staff.  I also have a big problem with them complaining that they need extra help and can't keep up with their work, but don't want help from my staff since they aren't viewed as positive employees.
I've worked to make sure that my department is pleasant and willing to help wherever they are needed.  They have their own work to accomplish, but manage to have time to help towards the bigger picture.  It's difficult to see employees in another department being judgmental to the point of detriment to the company.

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  1. My one friend works as a computer programmer. He's the new guy and he's had times when it's been really busy and times when it's been hardly anything. He actually came up with a good quote.

    "If you have free time at the end of the day, it isn't your problem. It's management's responsibility to make the most out of their resources."

    This might not be best way to move up in a company but it goes well with you article. Let the manager manage the employees! There is no reason for one employee to come and and complain about someone else. They don't know their workload and if there was a problem, I'm guessing you would solve it!