Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Complaining Employees

I have an employee who seems to be unhappy no matter what accommodations I try to make for him.  He is on third shift most of the time.  He can't work second shift and gets first shift one week a month.  He was given his normal rotation and agreed to work under that schedule about a year ago.  Since that time, all the others who work that position on all other shifts also do a similar schedule.  They also have to switch out of their normal schedule occasionally to cover for another's vacation or a special product that we make.
He continuously complains that his is second most senior and should not be stuck on third shift but rather should get first shift.  He is also quick to ask for a raise or try to point out some way in which we are purposely trying to short change him.
I have been doing the scheduling for almost 2 years now, and none of my other guys give me even a quarter of the whining that this one does.  They don't complain about their pay either.
What do I do with this employee?  What he wants to be "happy" is not correct according to my statement of fair which is in writing.  Also, if he agreed to the terms of the job, do I have more of an obligation to try to make him happy or just hold him to his agreement?

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