Sunday, October 17, 2010

Paper Topic From My Perspective

You know that I can’t write a paper for class on a topic like Glass Ceiling without approaching it from a unique angle.  (Maybe you don’t know that because you don’t know me very well, but my friends and family would not be surprised at all by this declaration.)  I don’t buy into the pathetic viewpoint that women are oppressed and held back by men who won’t let them advance in jobs.  If I believed that then, I am not in control of my own future.  I believe that anyone can advance as far as they choose or are willing to strive for.  (Maybe this is a naïve thought, but I’m sticking with it.)  I am a cynic and do not like to live in a position of inferiority or needing someone else to cut me a break.  When I picked the topic of Glass Ceiling, I actually thought it might be too much of an obvious topic for a female to write on.  I definitely didn’t want it to be just another whiney paper about how women are treated unfairly or unequally.  I have been doing research now and have found a different way of approaching the topic that fits much more into my personality.  I’m going to write on the decisions that women make and actions women take that prevent them from reaching the higher executive positions.  This views the glass ceiling from a power perspective instead of a helpless perspective.  I am pleased to be able to take this approach.  It fits my personality.


  1. I understand what you are saying, I am very independent myself and would not want my achievements to be lessened by the impression that I was given a break because of my gender. I don't think it is pathetic to realize that women were oppressed and possibly held back for advancement. There was and is a clear statistical lack of women in upper mgt. positions, and if males continued to hire only males regardless of qualifications, then I can't see how the women who bring this to light are pathetic. I am sure there are many reasons that women are underrepresented but to say that realizing discrimination is a pathetic viewpoint is confusing to me.

  2. I like the topic. The perspective of how to improve in the workplace is a constant battle. I feel that I am always looking towards the next step and what I need to do differently than I have in the past to improve. Looking at certain poor decisions can help identify what needs to be changed or altered.

    I strongly agree with your statement that anyone can move up in a company based on hard work and consistency, and that gender does not and should not be an underlying reason. By taking this approach, I feel your paper will have alot more substance put into it which will allow for your personality to present itself within the paper.

  3. Last week, my group worked on this topic, this one is really a big challenge, BRAVO! hope you do a good job.

    In my mind, I agree with you that anyone can move up from his/her hard work and consistency. No matter is HE OR SHE. I think your paper will give us more information about the point, and maybe give us some special angle.~~