Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not My Department!

"Not my department" has become my new favorite phrase.  I don't like to be an employee who isn't willing to step up wherever I am needed so this is a bit frustrating for me.  I've always tried to be the person that anyone could come to with a problem or suggestion and I would do my best to relay it to the right person or take care of it myself if I could.  In recent months, my job has become complicated.  I have been going out of my way to make sure that I'm not stepping on anyone's toes.  I'm trying very hard to keep anyone informed when something happens in their department or if there is a problem the supervisor needs to be aware of.
In the last week, I have been talked to twice from the general manager that I'm overstepping my bounds.  I am trying to do things that are her responsibility.  When I asked her for specifics (since I'm trying so hard to do the opposite) she could not come up with anything.  Today, she came up with something that once confronted, I explained clearly how she had misunderstood.  I did nothing of what she thought.  I tried to take the criticism well, but I didn't do what she was acusing me of.  She did agree that she misunderstood what was said previously, but she's really pushing me to hide from her and slack off from my normal push to get the job done.

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  1. I'm sorry that you're in this position, Becky, and that it's been so frustrating for you. I've been in similar situations, and I know how incredibly frustrating it can be to try to go above and beyond for good reasons only to have them used against you later.

    My favorite phrase was actually "I don't get paid enough to handle this," and used it on a few of my managers more than once...hahahaha. So funny and so sad all at the same time.