Sunday, September 19, 2010

Glass Ceiling

I'm thinking about writing my research paper on the glass ceiling.  I have hesitations about this, and I'll tell you why.  I want to approach it from a viewpoint that in the last 10 years the glass ceiling has been challenged and shattered in some cases.  I want to believe that it is becoming more and more obsolete.  My concern on this topic is will I be able to find the research in periodicals and journals with it being a relatively recent time frame or will I only be able to reference websites?  I tried to log into EBSCO host through the library website but alas, in this tech age, I have to physically walk into the student union building to some office I've never heard of to fill out a paper form and show photo id to get a card that has a number on it that I can use to log into the online library. So much for the modern age.  I'm digressing.  Back to my topic.  I am hesitant to choose the glass ceiling topic for this big reason.  I am female. I do not like to use any excuse for not succeeding.  I want to believe that I hold my own destiny in my hands not that someone else my feel that I should be successful just because I'm female and they need to fill a quota.  I'm insulted at that line of thinking.  I am perfectly capable of working and earning my way to any position that I desire to achieve.  If I do not achieve a goal, I have no one to blame but myself.  That being said, I've never really worked at a place that I felt viewed females as lesser employees than males.  I am pleased that I can say that.  Also, I am pleased that where I work now, the general manager is female and very good at her job.  I am the office (usually female) and production (usually male) manager.  I hold a hybrid position and have had no difficulties doing both jobs because of being female.  We have several male managers as well.  In fact I feel we have a good mix.  We all seem to work well together and I think the dynamic of personalities work well together too.


  1. Luckily, I also work at a place where I feel this is no glass ceiling. While my boss is male, his boss, our district team leader is female. I don't know that exact statistics, but I would say 40% of management positions at Target are female and I believe that number is climbing.

    I feel like our generation has shattered the glass ceiling and is paving the way for a new breed of management. Did you know that 15 of the 500 Fortune companies are run by women?

    I believe that number will continue to grow!

  2. I don't think you should hesitate to choose the topic because of your gender. Instead I think you should feel proud to be a part of the shift away from such nonsense. The women who fought for civil rights and equality would be proud to see thier drems realized by women today. I think it should be discussed especially by a woman, becasue who else would have such a direct perspective of the negativity associated with glass cielings. I think it is good to triumph in the defeats of 'GC' and be proud of it, so that no other groups are treated in a simiilar manner.

  3. On a side note before talking about your blog post.. you should not need a student ID for the EBSCO host site. I use my KU username and password from Student Services so that may save you the hassle of getting a student ID, etc.

    Now onto your topic. I think that would be a great topic for your paper. I agree, in many cases the glass ceiling has become less and less, but on the other hand, there are still organizations where it is present. I think there will always be an untold competition between men and women. Isn't it just that much sweeter when you beat a man? Maybe that's just me. But in any event, I could see where this is a topic you may be hesitant but the facts presented in your research paper will be just that, facts.

    I am looking forward to your additional blog postings regarding this topic, especially because I am a woman in the workforce today.